AI Mona Lisa I: Her Smile (copyright law/painting/public domain)

AI Mona Lisa I: Her Smile (copyright law/painting/public domain)


Li Dongtao

Leonardo da Vinci: Mona Lisa

It’s true there are lots of copyright risks for developers of AI systems, it’s also true there some breathing space for them.

    Mona Lisa, an oil painting, probably the world’s most famous painting.

Even in China, there are still lots of people know it now.

It was drawn by Leonardo da Vinci, sometime between 1503 and 1519. LDT

It now hangs in the Louvre MuseumParis.

She has a mysterious smile,

Folks wonder what it means.1

Means what?

The truth may be beneath the surface, buried, forgotten, but time has a way of uncovering it.2

After 500 hundred years, the truth comes to light:

Leonardo da Vinci was the author, but there wasn’t a copyright law at that time and modern copyright law does protect an author in his life plus 50-70 years. ldt

Therefore, this painting is in the public domain now.

It can be learned, calculated and copied by any AI system.











[1]  Mona Lisas Smile POEM by Marilyn Lott at

[2]  The Crown (season 3.1): Created by Peter Morgan. 

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